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I have taken the 2 things I truly love to do - fish and cook - and created Duncan Lines: A personal culinary fishing experience for you.


 I have been coming up to Algonquin Park and the surrounding area my entire life. I began fishing when I was 10 and have fished every year since that first cast. I began cooking professionally when I was 21 and have cooked every day since that first dinner service. I love to cook and made kitchens my life. As a busy Red Seal chef, fishing was my way of escaping the chaos and noise of the kitchen. Algonquin was perfect, with quiet, calm lakes, great fishing and good food on the fire. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a great day out.

Giving Back
The Beauty of  Algonquin Provincial Park

It is located on the Canadian Shield, northeast of Toronto and northwest of Ottawa. The terrain is hilly and heavily wooded, with five major rivers and numerous small lakes within its perimeters. The formal recognition encompasses 7571 square kilometres of land, 15% of which is water, and the various buildings, structures, roadways and pathways contained therein.

Algonquin Park is famous for its spectacular landscapes and forested trails. A visitor centre, museum, and gift shop offer educational tours, and a host of hiking routes are available for those looking to explore the park's natural environment

Today, Algonquin Park protects a variety of natural, cultural, and recreational features. Algonquin is biologically diverse with more than 1,200 vascular plant species and more than 400 vertebrates have been found within its boundaries.

Outdoor aficionados call it some of the best camping in the world, whether in a backcountry tent or cozy pine cabin.

One of my boats

Enjoy the comfort of our boat.  Equipped with everything we need for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We supply the rods, bait, life vests and all necessary equipment.

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